Black friday rabatte wot blitz

black friday rabatte wot blitz

VI vehicles (25 less experience) 3 Garage slots. XP bonus duration: Asia from November 23, 14:00 (UTC 8) to November 26, 14:00 (UTC 8). If you received all the gifts and still have some Stickers left, go back to the Offers tab of the Store and use them to purchase Premium Account! You can open gifts in any order: pick only what you want! VI TOG II garage slot 30 days of Premium Account 2 Stickers 1,000 Gold and 7 Days of Premium Account. In the Bundles tab.

Europe from November 23, 10:00 (CET) to November 30, 10:00 (CET). Discounts on Premium vehicles available in the Tech Tree: Tiers iiiv: 50 Tiers vivii: 25 Tier viii: 20 Discounts on researchable vehicles (except for new tanks from Update.5 Tiers iiiv: 50 Tiers viviii: 25 Tiers IXX: 15 Discounts.

Discounts on enrichment: Temporary enrichment: 50 Permanent enrichment: 30 A 25 discount on unlocking camouflages. Viii T34 Independence, garage slot 21 Stickers, price: 5,250 Gold, menacing IS-2Sh. North America from November 23, 1:00 (PT 4:00 (ET) to November 30, 1:00 (PT 4:00 (ET). 7 Days of Premium Account Price: 7 Stickers 1 Day of Premium Account Price: 1 Sticker After the end of the event, leftover Stickers will be deducted from your account without compensation. Big and tempting, like a light tank's rear for an HE shell, the week-long Black Friday sale starts in World of Tanks Blitz! VJbPQ1Z9_t9w, a x4 XP bonus for your first victories to get off to a great start! With each bundle, you get Stickers a bonus currency that can earn you an additional gift! 7 days of Premium Account 1,000 Gold 1 Sticker 750 Gold. A 25 discount on attachments: Steel Pike Commander American Eagle Corporal Flagship A 25 discount on unlocking equipment slots. Big sale schedule, during this period, special bundles in the Store, the "Black Friday!" showcase with gifts, discounts on researchable vehicles, and other perks will be available. 750 Gold 1 Sticker, in the Offers tab, tough KV-5.